DomeCare Solutions is the first and only line of anti-aging grooming products developed specifically for men who shave their heads. We address the specific needs of head shavers; skin irritation, razor bumps, razor burn, dullness, oiliness, uneven skin tone, and more. Each DomeCare Solutions product was developed and perfected to provide a comfortable and effortless shaving experience with anti-aging benefits. Our grooming products will immediately improve the appearance of your bald head while proven ingredients work “behind the scenes” repairing damage and promoting healthy bald head from below the surface of the skin. We only use quality ingredients that are proven to be safe, effective, and gentle. What’s left out of each product is just as important- all formulas are ultra-gentle, free from fragrances, coloring agents, and the typical irritants found in many men’s grooming products. DomeCare Solutions takes the guesswork out of what men need to rock and maintain a noticeably healthy bald head.

We are obsessed with healthy bald heads and our goal is to help you embrace yours so you can enjoy having the healthiest dome ever! The concept of DomeCare Solutions was born out of a personal need and we are thrilled to share our products with you! With our roots in the Bay Area, and Seattle which we now call home, we are fiercely proud to represent the West Coast and we look forward to serving head shavers worldwide!


Dome Shine-Absorber Anti-Aging Finishing Serum is a unique product that reduces and prevents a shiny bald head. The formula absorbs excess oil keeping skin matte and soft. The lightweight serum is packed with an array of antioxidants that reduce and prevent signs of aging.

To Use: Dispense a nickel-sized amount into hand and massage all over dome. Reapply as needed to reduce shine.

Key Ingredients:

Oil-Absorbers, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Retinyl, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide


Posted by Carl P.

If you’re like me, controlling shine on a freshly shaved dome is daily battle…or at least it was. I’m not even exactly sure how to describe the anti-shine gel, stuff is crazy to the touch, but it essentially eliminates shine w/o leaving any residue and you really only need a small dab to cover your entire head. The fact that it’s anti-aging as well and keeps working for you throughout the day is an added bonus. All the DCS products are great, but this one sealed the deal for me…no comparison against other “matte” lotions that I’ve tried. A brilliant cap to the the 3-step system…and i will shed a tear if DCS ever discontinues this product.

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