DomeCare Solutions is the first and only line of anti-aging grooming products developed specifically for men who shave their heads. We address the specific needs of head shavers; skin irritation, razor bumps, razor burn, dullness, oiliness, uneven skin tone, and more. Each DomeCare Solutions product was developed and perfected to provide a comfortable and effortless shaving experience with anti-aging benefits. Our grooming products will immediately improve the appearance of your bald head while proven ingredients work “behind the scenes” repairing damage and promoting healthy bald head from below the surface of the skin. We only use quality ingredients that are proven to be safe, effective, and gentle. What’s left out of each product is just as important- all formulas are ultra-gentle, free from fragrances, coloring agents, and the typical irritants found in many men’s grooming products. DomeCare Solutions takes the guesswork out of what men need to rock and maintain a noticeably healthy bald head.


Dome Shine Anti-Aging Finishing Serum is perfect for men with normal to dry bald heads. The hydrating anti-aging serum softens skin while powerful vitamins and antioxidants prevent and reduce the signs of aging. Leaves a healthy shine.

To Use: Dispense a nickel-sized amount into hand and massage all over dome. Reapply anytime to add a healthy shine to your dome.


Say goodbye to razor burn and bumps and hello to a healthier bald head with Dome Care Solutions Dome Relief Calming & Hydrating Splash. Powerful ingredients work behind the scenes to help your bald head retain its natural moisture balance while stimulating collagen production and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin-softening ingredients immediately hydrate parched skin.

To Use: Dispense Dome Relief Calming & Hydrating Splash into clean hands and splash onto dome before and/or after shaving.

Tip: This soothing liquid works well any time you need to quickly freshen-up.


Dome Shave Gel is a lush gel developed specifically for head shaving. The clear, water-activated shave gel allows you to see where you are shaving. The emollient texture creates a protective layer over your bald head, protecting your skin from nicks, irritation and razor bumps. Hydrators, antioxidants, skin-healing ingredients, and anti-irritants work together to promote healthier skin.

To Use:  Splash bald head with warm water and apply a layer of Dome Shave Gel. Shave as usual.

Tip: While shaving head, reapply water to reactivate Dome Shave Gel. Shave and rinse as usual. Follow with Dome Relief Calming & Hydrating Splash.

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