Shaving my dome was a no-brainer. My hair started thinning in my early 20s and options like colored hair sprays, surgical treatments, and strategically styling my thin hair were not options I would consider. After I began regularly shaving my head I realized the grooming products I used were causing dryness, irritation and an uncomfortable head shaving experience. There was an obvious void in the shaving and skin care market that catered to my specific needs. Many of the men’s skin care products I tried were loaded with irritating ingredients. I needed gentle products that would not trigger the razor bumps, ingrown hairs, dehydration, and irritation I was experiencing.


I am blessed to have a wife who has been in the skincare industry for years. With her expertise we experimented with an array of grooming products, but we never found the perfect balance for my sensitive bald head. After years of struggling through trial-and-error we decided it was time to use our experience and knowledge to develop DomeCare Solutions. Together with a team of brilliant chemists we perfected each formula and DomeCare Solutions was born. Every DomeCare Solutions product is designed to be gentle, effective, and to combat the specific issues dome shavers face.


We are obsessed with healthy bald heads and our goal is to help you embrace yours so you can enjoy having the healthiest dome ever! The concept of DomeCare Solutions was born out of a personal need and we are thrilled to share our products with you! With our roots in the Bay Area, and Seattle which we now call home, we are fiercely proud to represent the West Coast and we look forward to serving head shavers worldwide!



Dome Shine-Absorber Anti-Aging Finishing Serum is a unique product that reduces and prevents a shiny bald head. The formula absorbs excess oil keeping skin matte and soft. The lightweight serum is packed with an array of antioxidants that reduce and prevent signs of aging.

To Use: Dispense a nickel-sized amount into hand and massage all over dome. Reapply as needed to reduce shine.



The perfect trio for men with normal to dry bald heads. Shave, relieve, hydrate and treat dryness. Anti-aging ingredients reduce and prevent the signs of aging. The Finishing Serum leaves a polished to perfection radiance.

System includes:

  • Dome Shave Gel 4 oz.
  • Dome Relief Calming & Hydrating Splash 4 oz.
  • Dome Shine Anti-Aging Finishing Serum 1 oz.


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