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DomeCare Solutions is the first and only line of anti-aging grooming products developed specifically for men who shave their heads. We address the specific needs of head shavers; skin irritation, razor bumps, razor burn, dullness, oiliness, uneven skin tone, and more. Each DomeCare Solutions product was developed and perfected to provide a comfortable and effortless shaving experience with anti-aging benefits. Our grooming products will immediately improve the appearance of your bald head while proven ingredients work “behind the scenes” repairing damage and promoting healthy bald head from below the surface of the skin. We only use quality ingredients that are proven to be safe, effective, and gentle. What’s left out of each product is just as important- all formulas are ultra-gentle, free from fragrances, coloring agents, and the typical irritants found in many men’s grooming products. DomeCare Solutions takes the guesswork out of what men need to rock and maintain a noticeably healthy bald head.


Hometown: New Orleans. I’ve been in San Francisco for 9 years.

Barbering Experience:I’ve been a barber for 13 years; 7 years as the owner of Details Barbershop

Grooming Tip: A grooming tip specifically for men who shave their heads is to shave consistently. Shaving on a regular schedule encourages a consistent growth pattern. This helps reduce irritation because the scalp becomes accustomed to the shaving routine. When you shave your head, you shouldn’t let it grow out too much because it looks sloppy. I personally shave my head every other day. Another grooming tip is to use Aloe Vera, preferably directly from the plant. Aloe reduces irritation, treats blemishes, moisturizes and relieves ingrown hairs, especially for men of color.

Favorite DomeCare Solutions Product: Dome Shine-Absorbing Anti-Aging Finishing Serum is my favorite product to use personally and on clients. It makes a shaved head feel satiny smooth, and you can feel the difference in the health of the scalp. The Dome Shave Gel is another favorite. I like using the Dome Shave Gel on my clients because it’s clear and I can see exactly where I’m shaving. A small amount of Shave Gel goes a long way; it doesn’t clog the razor and it’s clean. You can’t see through traditional shave creams so there is room for error and they can be messy. Many of my clients work nearby in the Financial District & Union Square; they come to my shop for shaves and haircuts on their lunch breaks. My clients need to leave my chair fresh and clean to go back to work.

Favorite Razor for Use on Clients:  MD Dragon Straight Razor with Dorco blades.

Favorite Razor for Personal Use: Gillette Fusion

Tips for New Barbers:Be consistent, considerate and professional. Availability for clients is key.

Favorite Pastime:Golfing. My favorite golf course in The Bay is Tilden Park in Berkeley.

Favorite Book: 48 Laws of Power

Record on Repeat:Jay-Z’s Magna Carta. Favorite song is Somewhereinamerica.

You can catch Notch Tuesday-Saturday 10am-7pm at Details Barbershop in San Francisco’s Union Square. 166 Geary St. Suite 1204 San Francisco, 94108. Appointments are recommended and can be made at http://www.topnotchbarber.comor 415-994-6699. If you rock a shaved head ask for the DomeCare Solutions Signature Shave!

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at How to treat balding, Razor Burn & What helps with hairloss